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  1. Is it possible to organize diplomas in dates other than those on the web site ?


Answer:  Yes, according to the client's conditions.


  1. Should we attend the courses or could it  be online?

Answer:    Yes, both.


3  . Is there any real estate courses specialized in asset management?

 Answer:  Yes, and they are  according to the client's level.


  • Can I have the diploma on CDs?

 Answer:   Yes, it's available.


  • What kind of certifications do these diplomas grant?

Answer:    From the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs and the American ministry of    foreign affairs or both.


  • Are the subjects certified by any University?

Answer:  Yes, approved by three American universities


  • Is it possible to send the books through the internet?

 Answer:  Yes, by PDF format or E-Book.


  • Is it possible to be the official agent for the academy? What are the terms?

Answer:   Yes, send the data and we will send you the details.


  • Are their any subjects that can be prepared  for any private university?

Answer:  Yes, in the fields of the academy.


  • About the Degree's researches, can you provide assistance?

Answer:   Yes, in the fields of the academy.


  • Are the degrees certified?

Answer:   Yes, from the American ministry of foreign affairs.


  • What are the types of Exams?

Answer:  Attendance or online.


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