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Academic message

Support of the Engineering Science and Real Estate .. and associated in the fields of administrative, legal, accounting, information technology and to benefit from the experience .. Arab, American, and to harness the codes and requirements and specifications, Arab, American. We have established (Academy of the Arab American experts, real estate)

Concerned with academic support and real estate professionals and engineering and legal and administrative, financial and information technology experts ... and trains them to the latest technologies and global requirements to help them in developing their information.
Also interested in the provision of academic diplomas in different fields as well as the previous Degrees of Bachelor or Master or PhD from a major university certified Egyptian and international ... whether these degrees through traditional or distance education system .. and that in all the disciplines above.
And cooperate with leading academic institutes, colleges and international institutions to achieve their goals.
The Academy welcomes the fruitful cooperation with individuals, lecturers and researchers .. as well as with training centers and schools, colleges and research centers in the Arab world or foreign.
And you will find the Academy's most recent paper or electronic versions in all these fields, as well as CDs and software.
They can also, through academic education and training after .. collaboration with major international companies specialized in the technical support.

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More than 20 real estate and engineering on line or Attendance diploma and they certified by American universities.   

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